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The Zipper Neoprene Koozies are considered perfect gifts for your business partners or associates, friends and family friends. The zipper koozies are very useful and practical, so you have an easy to carry item and it also keep your drinks cool and save.

Regardless you want to keep your drink cool or hot we are the place for all your koozie needs. Find the most affordable neoprene zipper koozies with a personalized design. Let our design team create the perfect koozie for your party or event. A customized zipper neoprene koozie will be a keepsake that all of your guests and partners will remember and talk about.

Custom Zipper Neoprene Koozies from

Custom Zipper Neoprene Koozies from

The zipper koozies offer the advantage of being foldable, easy to carry and pack, and on top of that the zipper feature make the bottle access really easy. The coverage that a zipper koozie offers is way better than any regular neoprene koozie because they are larger, in result your beverage is kept chill for longer.

Don’t wait any longer and buy a zipper koozie with your business logo or personalized design today!

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