Wow – Texans Are Hit By The Injury Bug

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Is Matt Schaub Out For the Year

As many of my loyal readers knew – between printing custom koozies and writing blogs – I am a Big FAN of the Houston Texans and they were my Super Bowl Prediction winner… Now that prediction has taken a hit.

Matt Schaub, there starting QB, is out, and possibly out for the season!  This means Andre Johnson, Adrian Foster, and Schaub have missed or will miss significant amounts of time this year.  They also lost the number one draft pick overall from NC State – Mario Williams, who is also out for the season.

Life is looking pretty dim…. but wait, hold on, there is a glimmer of hope.  You see when Matt Leinart came into the league 6 years ago, I predicted he would win a super bowl… well guess who Schuab’s back-up is?  Yep, that is right Mr Matt Leinart from USC!  The two time National Champion winner is BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK…

We will find out what happens next…

My prediction is still with the Texans!

Matt Schaub is injured just like a torn custom koozie.
Matt Schaub is injured just like a torn custom koozie.