Why Buy Custom Koozies?

Custom koozies make a wonderful addition to just about any special event or occasion! Following is a list of the top 10 reasons why you need to order your custom koozies today!

  1. Create beer koozies for a family reunion as souvenirs! A great way to remember all the fun times had. Beer Koozies even fit on sippy cups!
  2. Having a big bash for your friend’s mile-marker birthday? Personalized koozies make it a fun group outing! Make some extras to hand out to groupies who are sure to want to share in the fun!
  3. Baby showers are fun and sweet for the mom to be and her friends. Cheap Koozies Amp up the fun a notch for your sweetie and get some “Daddy Shower” cheap koozies made.
  4. Company picnics are great for freebies! Custom koozies keep employees happy with cold drinks and positive about the great company they work for.
  5. Conventions and trade fairs are geared towards promoting your company. Be original with cheap beer koozies and hand out useful koozies! Not only do they promote your business but they’re sure to be used as well!
  6. Already have a ton of koozies? Have an entire cabinet devoted to them? Start a fan club with your friends in person or on Facebook and have “trade a koozie Fridays”. Get together have a few and trade some custom koozies. Document it on Facebook and we’ll give you a discount on your next order!
  7. Weddings are a wonderful and special time in your life and the lives of your friends and family. Custom koozies are easy to order, ready quickly, transport friendly and always a big hit with guests!
  8. Throwing a fundraiser? Want to save costs on all those half empties lying around? Pass out cheap koozies with drinks and help guests keep track of their cold ones (ask us how to put names on them!).
  9. Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are an excellent custom koozie occasion! Personalized with the date of the debauchery; it’s sure to be a night that special someone will never forget. What happens with a koozie stays with a koozie!
  10. Just because. Entertain a lot? Come up with a kitschy saying that’s unique to you and watch enjoy friend’s reactions as you hand them out at your get-togethers. Even better – make a set of beer koozies for each event and make collecting them a sport!