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Best Way to Carry Drinks while White Water Rafting:

Kissing Koozie rafting Buddies

Kissing Koozie rafting Buddies

Waters Better!

Ok, ok I will admit it, beer is not a good thing to drink if you are planning on going white water rafting. It is very important make sure ALL your sensory skills are ready to react. Rafting can get pretty intense.  Koozies can help to ensure you don’t lose your non-alcoholic drink.   Our water bottle koozies come with a clip and secure draw string feature to ensure your drink doesn’t go rapidly down the river unless you are going with it. These water bottle koozies can be customized and personalized just the way you want them, even put your favorite white water rafting saying on it. Like my personal fav: “When the river gets tough , We paddle harder!” 

White Water Rafting is such a fun and exciting thing to do. We at koozieZ.com like to go on company trips and one of them is white water rafting. We all have our own customized koozie for the occasion. Order today with us and we can talk for hours about our white water rafting excursions and share our stories. Hope to speak to you soon, thank you and good bye!!!!!

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