What is a koozie?

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A Kooze is…

Koozie [koo-zee] – noun: A koozie is a neoprene, fabric or foam device that is designed to keep your beverage in your bottle and/or can cold (or hot!) while keeping your hand at a normal temperature. Think of a Koozie like a jacket for your beverage that maintains it at the desired temperature. Your very own portable insulation device!

-Synonyms: koozie, cozy, koozy, coolie, beer hugger, can cooler, huggie, cozie, coozie

At KoozieZ.com we can customize any koozie so that not only will the koozie serve its purpose as a refreshing beverage temperature regulator, but will show the world that you have your personalized koozies exactly the way you want them!

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Koozie functions

A koozie has two functions: 1) to keep the consumer’s hand at a comfortable temperature while; 2) keep the beverage cold.

Types of common Koozie

koozies are easy to customize and come in an array of different styles, including:

  • Collapsible Fabric koozie
    • The most economical koozie, this very portable style can easily go anywhere with you…


  • Slip-on Bottle koozie
    • Slim & streamlined, our fabric bottle design easily slips over any 12 oz bottled beverage of your choice…


  • Foam koozies
    • Uniquely styled out of thick foam, this free-standing koozie style provides your bottled or canned beverage with a…


  • Water Bottle koozies
    • No longer just for cans and bottles, this water bottle koozie is a great option for any type of event…


  • Collapsible Neoprene koozie
    • The cadillac of koozies, this neoprene bottle koozie comes with a sassy little zipper…


  • Zip Up Bottle koozie
    • Constructed out of high quality wetsuit material, this koozie ultra-durable…


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