Wedding on a Budget


Create a Beautiful Wedding for Less with These Affordable Tips (spreadsheet and budget calculator enclosed):

Wedding Invites:

Wedding invitations can be a costly part of any wedding. Luckily, there are some great opportunities to cut costs with DIY options that still provide couples with classy invitations at a fraction of the price. For example, the website Wedding Chicks provides invitation templates that you can customize, print, or download


Honeymoons, although not technically part of the wedding, can be a huge hindrance in terms of cost. Fortunately, there is now a website that serves as a honeymoon registry called Honeymoon Wishes. Couples may choose their perfect honeymoon, then send their desired package to guests in lieu of wedding gifts. 

Wedding Photographer:

Wedding photographers can end up eating up a huge amount of one’s wedding budget. But have no fear! Technology is here to save the day! There’s a handy app called Eversnap that allows couples to sign up for a package which will provide the couple with a password protected online album that guests may access to add the photos which they take at the wedding. Want more refinement? It will still be a great deal, even if you hire a professional photographer to take a few custom photographs and clean up the favored guest photos.

Wedding Venue:

Wedding venues can easily be the most costly part of the wedding. So why not get creative with the venue AND save money while doing it? Two ways to cut costs on venue is to get married on a day other than Saturday or by finding a place outside of the city. However, if you feel more adventurous and want to think a little bit outside of the box, try choosing a venue that’s not characteristically considered such a place for weddings. For example, check out the local aquarium, zoo, museum, gallery, botanical garden, national park, or cultural heritage site within your area. Although they will still charge a fee, it will most likely not be nearly as much as a traditional venue.

Tap into Wedding Vendor’s Partnerships:

The wedding business is filled with partnerships and connections. If you decide to go ahead and hire a venue, ask if they have any preferred vendors that they would suggest. If they do, and you appreciate the vendor’s work, then the vendors will frequently give you a special deal or discount. Same goes for florists, hair and makeup, etc. It never hurts to ask!

Shop Around:

When you’re choosing a vendor, it pays to shop around. Visit multiple stores and websites in order to get a general idea of various costs and quality. Then, once you decide on the vendor you truly want to hire, you can approach them with a more appropriate cost and information to back up the cost that you’re willing to pay. Frequently, vendors are willing to bargain with their prices in order to secure business. Simply say something along the lines of, “I’d really love to work with your company, but I got an estimate from another vendor that’s $1,000 less.” It is not unusual for vendors to price match.

Cut the Guest List:

Wedding guests can become incredibly expensive. From the invitations, to the food and alcohol, to the transportation, and gifts; costs can quickly add up. Although difficult, reducing the guest list is one of the fastest and most effective ways to lower your wedding costs.

Save the Good Stuff for Later:

Have you ever noticed that alcohol is expensive? Have you also ever noticed that the more one drinks, the less one notices the quality of the alcohol they are consuming? Take this idea to heart! For the ever important toast at one’s wedding, serve your champagne of choice, but as the night wears on think about pouring a less expensive champagne or wine. It’s a quick and easy way to cut costs while having no real impact on the quality of the wedding.


In order to figure out exactly what costs are essential to creating the perfect wedding day, it’s important to figure out what each half of a couple absolutely can’t live without on such a monumental day. With that said, each half of the couple should write out their top three priorities to make their wedding day particularly special. With these three items written out by each person, now it’s known where to focus more time, money, and energy on the things that matter more.



A well-organized wedding can help make a more cost efficient wedding. These three sites provide helpful information for planning your perfect wedding while staying within your preferred budget!