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Tied the Knot

Weddings can be a great time to explore your creative energies!  There are myriad of pages on the web that can assist you with wedding quotes and sayings from the wildly hysterical to those that will bring a tear to a glass eye.  

“We tied the knot” is an every popular wedding slogan that can be used in such fun unique ways for creating art that can be used to print on invites, thank-you notes, wedding favors, the possibilities are endless.

Using a clipart picture of a knot, with the bride and groom’s names and the date of their wedding underneath is one of our more popular requests.  Go ahead and send us an email to and write a general description of what you’re looking to print.  It would be helpful to mention the koozie style, color and ink color so that we can send you a quote and proof after receiving your request.

We’ve got a lot of years of wedding experience and are looking forward to sharing it with you!

Wedding Clipart Couple

Cute Wedding Image