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Stolen From Wedding Koozie

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Sample Wedding Favor Design

You’ve chosen the venue, sampled the food and hired the DJ.  With most of the major aspects of wedding planning set and out of the way, time to focus on the fun, small details!  Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes but the ones that have the fondest memories and best “staying power” are the ones guests can take home with them and use again and again.

Creating your very own personalized koozies to hand out at the reception is a great, original way for guests to remember your spectacular event.  Consider putting a playful, catchy slogan as a design that will make guests giggle and think happy thoughts of the newly married couple.

One of our favorite slogans is “Stolen From Marino & Daly’s Wedding” with the date and venue beneath in smaller print. It’s bold, it’s cute and it’s sure to get some laughs.  Contact today to begin the process of creating your very own personalized wedding koozie.