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  • To have and To Hold and To Keep Your Beer Cold
  • Let's drink and be Married
  • We've Been Hooked
  • Live, Laugh, Love,
  • Party Hard, Wedding Time
  • The sincerest love is the love of beer.
The big day is right around the corner and you've already found the perfect, yet inexpensive, personalized wedding favor... koozies! However, the decision-making process is not over. In addition to the type of koozie (collapsible fabric koozie, foam koozie, collapsible neoprene koozie, slip-on bottle koozie, water bottle koozie and zip up bottle koozie) and the koozie color (which varies depending on the price), the image and saying on the koozie is what makes this wedding favor truly personalized.

Wedding Koozies Sayings

If you're having a difficult time deciding what that perfect saying is, these suggestions should get those creative juices flowing, if not actually be that perfect saying!
    • "To Have and To Hold, and to Keep Your Beer Cold"wedding koozies sayings
    • "What a Catch" with Baseball & Mit image
    • "Somthing old, something new, something borrowed, and my something blue" with blue koozie
    • "Eat, drink and be married!"
    • "Laugh, drink and be married!"
    • "I went to ______ and ______'s wedding, and all I got was this damn koozie!"
    • "The wedding is here, time for beer!"
    • "Vows are Done, Time for Fun"
    • "Beer and koozies are like (your name) and (partner's name)
    • "Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a koozie."
    • "The sincerest love is the love of beer."
    • "I stole this from ______ and ______'s wedding!"
    • I married "Miss Right". Unfortunately, I didn't know that her first name was "Always"
    • "Live, Laugh, Love"