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Weeding planners, sisters, mothers, here is a great idea for your next wedding, ready? Use our wedding koozies as invitations and as wedding favors. With this you will make sure everyone will keep it and use it for ever. So every time they crack open a beer they will be remembering how much fun they had at your wedding. Remember you can customize your wedding koozie with any color you want and make it even better with our color list that will match Karen, the worst bridezilla ever.

Wedding koozies

Wedding koozies

Don’t worry fot the quality of our koozies. We use only the best quality neoprene, fabric and foam for our koozies. Making sure the eer of your guests will say cold for as long as the last drop. This iss very important issue lately because of the world getting so warm, be sure your beer and your guests beer don’t get spoiled with the heat of the moment.

Customize your favors so you can be remembered for hosting the best wedding in a long time. Your guests wil thank you for giving them such great favors than can be used on time after the other.

Check out the clip art gallery for wedding koozies, the koozie options and give us a call!


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