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Finally you are getting hooked. Years of waiting until she proposed. Now is the time to making the wedding the best of all time. One detail that will make yours special will be having for each ons of your atendees a wedding bottle koozie on their table. Believe us, they are going to use those bottle koozies like no other wedding souvenir. And also, will last like no other wedding souvenir too. This is thanks to the fabrics which bottle koozies are made of. You can have neoprene or fabric koozies. Both will make your beer cold for longer periods of time and your fingers safe from the harm of the chili tin of the glass.

Give us your names and we will stamp them with a clever saying for the occasion.

Wedding bottle koozies

Wedding bottle koozies


  • Great business gift
  • Promotion product
  • Available in multiple colors

KoozieZ offers a variety of different custom coozy styles, including Cheap Koozies Koozies, Promotional Camo Koozies, Black Koozies, Clip Art for Zipper Koozies and Party Neoprene Koozies. Do some research on each coozy style to determine which one is the best fit.

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