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Top 17 things to do on Saint Paddy’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17, honoring the Irish patron, St. Patrick. The celebrations are Irish themed and consist of wearing green, parades, and of course, drinking – A WHOLE LOT. St. Paddys is a worldwide celebration that occurs in every Irish bar in the world! You don’t need to be Irish to feast and celebrate such perfect day! In fact, for a day, everyone suddenly becomes Irish! Check out our list of must-dos on St. Paddy’s Day!

1. Have a St. Paddy’s breakfast – Start your day by celebrating St. Paddy’s the right way! Hello, Lucky Charms! Hello, Green Eggs and Ham! And what about shamrock pancakes? I think yes! What about making yourself a Mean Green juice? I am talking about a delicious apple, cucumber, kale juice. Nothing says St. Paddy’s than a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

2. Drink something green – Whether you are taking green Jello shots, or sipping on your kale juice, or perhaps you found green beer, drinking something green is an absolute must!

3. Wear Green so you don’t get pinched – Yup. Dress up in green. Everything green. Head to top green! Paint your nails green, wear cute green hats, shamrock shirts… and cute shirts with funny sayings like “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”

4. Bake delicious green – inspired – cupcakes and cakes! Nothing says St. Patrick’s than delicious green cakes!

5. Attend a St. Patrick’s Day Parade! St. Paddy’s parades are one of the biggest and oldest celebrations out there! The parades consist of balloons, floats, dancers and Irish music!

6. Check out the celebrations happening at your local bar and neighborhood! I guarantee you there will be plenty of “Get Lucky” festivals with live bands and green beer all day long!

7. Check out the pub crawls happening in your area! If you want to drink beers at multiple locations, check out the pub crawl happening in your area! These tend to be fun, and you get to meet boat loads of people!

8. Drinking Guinness is an absolute MUST.

9. If you are thinking of traveling to Dublin for St. Paddy’s lat at least five days in Dublin! The festivities taking place in Dublin are known to last longer than the ones back home! Get ready for lots of drinking!

10. Have a few tasty Irish-inspired bites and enjoy some delicious brews at your closest Irish Pub!

11. Get going and run a 5k Saint Patrick’s Race!

12. Dye your hair green! To commemorate a day for drinking and partying, you must absolutely color your hair, or parts of your hair green! This is most certainly a must!

13. Host a green-inspired Saint Paddy’s fest at home! Make sure to have the essentials: green J-ello shots, beer and something green for your guests to appreciate!

14. Eat Soda Bread – or at least a lot of cabbage, lotta boiled stuff.

15. Dress up like a leprechaun! This is the only day in the year, you can be a gorgeous leprechaun!

16. Why not relieve some of your favorite Leprechaun movies?

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