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Belinda and I with our Koozies

Belinda and I with our Koozies


The sisters and I have a HUGE party this weekend and the Lamda Lamda Lamda boys are coming. We are all SOOOOO excited and want to be noticed by Booger really bad. Belinda and I have been fightin over him all semester.

Anyways, we wanted the whole school to be a part of the fun so we took a sorority group pic and got a FULL COLOR image and sent it into to design us from customized koozies. Lamda Lamda is going to be so impressed that I am definitely gonna win Boogers heart.  The koozies are pink and match the dress I bought 3 weeks ago for this day.  The koozie we bought were pretty cheap and personalized just for us. All the other sororities are going to be jealous because we have the best ideas ever! We love koozies and we are going to keep ordering koozies FOREVER until are arms fall off from too much beer. You know, if that ever happened I think I would design me some new koozie arms.

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