Small Coffee Sleeves

Small Coffee Sleeves Koozies

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When it comes to custom small coffee sleeve KOOZIE® & COOLIES, we know why they’re your top choice. Nobody has any doubt that coffee is one of the top favorite hot beverages worldwide, but when drinking coffee means you have to grab a boiling cup with your hands, you have to either wait for it to cool down or take your risks by holding your cup with your unprotected fingers. Well, as drinking hot beverages should always be a big pleasure, coffee sleeves are designed to make that experience a safe one, too!

We’ve all had moments of regret, trying to pick up that steaming hot cup with our bare hands. Ouch! These insulating sleeves will keep your coffee hot, and will also protect your sensitive hands from heat. You can leave all the worries about burns behind and grab your cup of coffee with confidence and comfort! Is that all what your KOOZIE® & COOLIES can do for you? No, there’s more: small hot cup sleeves are customizable, so they can be fun and decorative as well! Gift your guests with personalized coffee sleeves at your company picnic, school reunion, etc or simply promote your company name. Do you have many more ideas? How about printing your pet’s pic, or your grandchildren’s photo? Your coffee coosies can be as original and versatile as your imagination can reach! There’s no time to lose, order your small coffee sleeves now by filling the form above with a detailed description of your design, upload your images, pictures, etc, give us your quotes and submit. Get a free proof in only 60 minutes, preview and give us your confirmation when you are completely satisfied with your draft! See? It so easy and fast that nobody needs to be an expert to become a KOOZIE® & COOLIES creator! Email us at or call Jen at 518 964 1018 if you need some assistance on designing your coffee sleeves and enjoy of a customer service that’s second to none. Is quality important to you? Top printing and designing service is our goal, Guaranteed!