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Slip On Bottle Koozie

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There are different ways to get your beer bottles dressed, and slip on KOOZIE® & COOLIES is a very practical one. Just slide it over your bottle and there you are a frosty beer that won’t transfer any wet and cold sensation to your hands. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Slip on bottle coolies are foldable too, so you can store them easily in any small space, such as a pocket, and enjoy your favorite beverages at a reunion with family and friends.

Surprise your buddies with these affordable coolers at your next tailgate event, gift them as your party giveaways, or if you want to let many people know about your growing business, gift stunning personalized KOOZIE® & COOLIES with the logo of your company printed on them. Do you want to help support and spread awareness for a good cause? Then these custom beer coolies are an excellent promoting tool for your charity purposes. Are you ready to create your own slip on bottle coolers? Let’s go! Fill our form, describing your coosie design carefully and uploading your files; mention font types, sizes, colors, etc and submit. Preview your proof in about an hour later and confirm your order when you are completely satisfied with it. It’s fast, it’s easy… it’s fun! Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at 518 964 1018 or write to to get the professional assistance you need to create the perfect beer coozies for you. Is customer service among your most important values? Us, too!

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