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Koozie Security

We at take Internet and Personal Security very seriously. pledges:

1. We will never sale, reveal, give, or let anyone or anything access any personal data of our clients, customers, potential customers, or anyone that contacts us.

2. We run and apply high-tech software protecting all online orders, phone and email orders, and never hold any financial information at our offices or on any of our software.

3. We use two online payment processors – Google Checkout and Paypal Pro. These are two of the most trusted and secure names on the web used to process payments. We are pleased to inform our customers that our security has never been breached. Please note, you do not need a Paypal or Google Checkout account in order to place an order, all you need is an active Credit Card.

4. If at anytime you would like to speak to a Manager, feel free to contact us day or night. Rest assured we want our customers to feel safe when working with our company. You can contact us at 518-964-1018, , .