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Retirement Koozies From

Retirement Koozies From

Baby Boomers Love Koozies

And so do we!

Where do the baby Boomers go when they retire and what do they do with their time? Well, has the answer to both these questions. THEY ORDER KOOZIES OF COURSE from and no body else. Most baby boomers leave the US seeking a tropical paradise away from the struggles of every day life. They move their whole lives to a foreign country and then get bored from the beauty of the rising sun, unlimited free time and drinking Margarita by the sea shore.  Then as the fianlly decide they need to do something more and see a market for selling koozies to their fellow foreigners in the area.  Usually they customize the koozie to remind foreign dwellers of their home country.

One Retirement Koozie Idea from a Client:

A few weeks ago a Canadian man called and had a plan to sell koozies to fellow Canadians living in Belize. The koozie was to be a foam style with a Canadian Flag. At the top the koozie was to say “CRAZEE” and then the Flag and under that “CANUCK”. he was going to sell them to local shops in the area and see how it went.

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