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Red Koozies

Red Koozies are available from KooozieZ in a variety of different styles, including Collapsible Fabric Koozies, Foam Koozies, Zipper Neoprene Koozies, Collapsible Neoprene Koozies and Slip-on Bottle Koozies.

Red Koozies look great with a lot of different text colors, including white, black and blue. Red Koozies are ideal for a variety of occasions, including BBQs, military appreciation, graduation and more!

If a bride’s favorite color is red, surprise her with red koozies at her bachelorette party! Or, make sure that they are red koozies at the wedding, a memorable personal touch to such an exciting and important day!

If you’re having trouble find the clip art and text color you need for your red koozies, or plain just can’t make up your mind, then feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email!

Please contact us at, at 518-964-1018 or at Skype at kooziez.

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