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Bank Promo Koozie

Bank Promo Koozie

A Koozie Ramble:

Here we go we have a koozie to ramble about to start. I love rambling about koozies. They are fun and sporty and flirty. They can have clip art or just plain texts. They are great for  promotional parties and great way to get your business known.

 We love promotional party koozies. People love getting koozie swag especially when it is personalized.

 Many law firms like to work with koozie companies to help get their name out there to the younger generations who like to drink and drive and need to remember a lawyer’s name when they are drinking and driving, just in case they get caught and need a lawyer for help them. 

 Dentist offices like to make koozies for promotional items, so in case you some one got punched in the face  and loos a couple teeth all you have to do while laying out on the concert. Dr. Smiley will get me all fixed up. You can then go home a sleep like a baby then call Dr. Smily later on.

These are reasons why promotional koozies work so well! 





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