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Promotional Neoprene Koozies ? has a variety of  Promotional Neoprene Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Look at our  Promotional Neoprene Koozies options now!

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Lot of companies strive to impress their potential customers. They will  go to all ends of the globe searching for the most effective marketing tools. offers you a one stop promotional koozie shop for your marketing needs. Create customized koozies with your logo on it for your marketing events and promotional pleasures. Koozies can be personalized with any clip art or photo graph you want. We have designers working around the clock to product the best quality koozies.  Images can be printed in a single color ink or if you are feeling extra fantasy then go ahead and put a FULL COLOR logo on you koozies.  Full Color Logos only work on fabric koozies but single color designs can be used to neoprene, fabric and foam koozies. Neoprene koozies are the nicest quality of koozie available on the market and last the longest. Using the neoprene koozies for promotional items will boast your standards and respectability.  Use your personalized promotion koozies for any and ALL marketing events that you have in the year 2012.

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