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Ode to Camouflage Koozies

There are gifts you receive in life that make you happy for a short while and you later forget about them.  Some gifts are terrible but you don’t want to hurt the giver’s feelings so you use them anyway.  Other gifts are so phenomenal that you know you’ll use and remember them for the rest of your life.  Below is an ode to a camouflage koozie I received as a gift and haven’t looked back since.

Natural Camo Koozie

Natural Camo Koozie

Koozie Ode

Camouflage koozie, why do you help me so?  You stare at me from your little position on the corner of my desk and send me positive thoughts all day long.  I love that my friend sent me personalized koozies and that you camo koozie, were in the pack.  Every time I’m looking for a refreshing beverage, you’re there to keep it cool.  Even when I have long nights of work ahead of me,  you sit there looking after my beverage and making sure it’s just the right temperature for when I’m ready to take a drink.  Thank you my customized koozie in bright camouflage print for never having left my side or disappointed me.  I wish I could repay you with more than just words, but alas, I’m not sure you understand even that. I will continue to use you as my go to beverage refresher and hope that you can feel my gratitude each and every time I take a sip.

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