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Promotional Beer Koozies are one of the most effective marketing tools your business can employ today. Not only do the koozies have an impressive use rate, if an appropriate design is used they may carry on as advertising for years. The koozie is a clever trendy product, and can really boost your marketing efforts, particularly in hard-partying markets like college students and hockey fans. It is also a perfect promotion product & similar to Blue Can Koozies.

Waterbottle koozie action

Waterbottle koozie action

The problem of frigid fingers while swilling chilly brewskis has come to an end.

I shall proceed to extol the virtues of the koozie in this poem.

Oozing frigidity, freshness, and thirst-quenching ability, my beer it sits naked; it robs its owner of his heat while itself leaching refreshment as it’s cold is squandered. Why not a solution? Koozie, come now and improve this brutal situation. You are the technology we need, solver of problems, enabler of good parties with properly insulated beverages. I hold you up now and toast science! Is there a problem it cannot solve?

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