Printed Pink Koozies

Looking for Printed Pink Koozies?

Pink Panther For Pink Koozies

Pink Panther For Pink Koozies

The Pink Koozies, these are an excellent promotional tool that is affordable and can really get the word out about your business or event.

Koozies are also known as Bottle Koozies or Can Koozies or water bottle holder which can be made from many materials like Foam, Neoprene or many other materials. In the koozie, a can or bottle can be inserted and this will keep the liquid in the can cold.

The Promotional koozies make Very Beautiful Business Gift. You can use for Picnic, Pool Party , Festivals, on any other occasions.Marinas and basically anything where there are a lot of people and the need for cool drinks!

Pink is also the color of girls and using pink koozies for a baby shower would a genius idea. You can have the koozie in pink with white writing and put the un born babies name on it an expected day of delivery. This way if she comes a little earlier or later you can laugh and say how funny you were for EVEN thinking she was going to come on the day expected.