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I love turkey and koozies

I love turkey and koozies

What to Print:

You can print anything on this koozies. The printing options vary depending on the koozie style you choose.

Foam Koozie Printing:

With a foam koozie you are able to wrap text and images all around the koozies or have doubled sided print no problem. However, only one ink color is able to be printed on  the foam koozie.

Neoprene Koozie Printing:

With the Neoprene koozie you can print either single-ink or multi-color ink. You can print on both sides of the koozie but a wrap around style is not available.

Fabric Koozie Printing:

With the Fabric Koozie you can choose single-sided and or double-sided or even FULL COLOR. Minus the wrap around printing the fabric koozies gives you a lot of option and ways to personazlie your koozie to fit your occasion. The Fabric koozie is a soft spongy material and is durable enough to go through a very hot printing process that allows you to print a full color picture of your dog.

Choose you koozie style and get it customized and printed for your wedding!!!