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Koozies Have Multiple Uses

Purchasing customized koozies can be a fun and exciting event you share with friends and family.  Start a group email and ask everyone for input as to what you should design for your customized koozies.  Start a survey and have everyone vote on the top 5 slogans that would be best to include on your koozie order.  Koozies can be designed for just about any purpose or event from barbecues to funerals.  They can be personalized with whatever message works best for you and your event.

Thanksgiving Koozies

Thanksgiving Koozies

When Can I Put A Slogan On My Koozie?

You can use slogans on your koozies for just about any event under the sun!  Happy or sad, koozies have a unique way of presenting guests, friends and family members with a personalized message they’ll be able to remember for years to come.  Best of all, koozies can be used again and again so the message never stops giving.  Check out this list below for what kind of events you can order koozies for.

1. Funerals

2. Birthday parties

3. Dog birthdays

4. Celebrating an anniversary

5. Baby showers

6. Motivational Messages

7. To welcome newcomers to the neighborhood

8. To tell your friends to go home

9. As a holiday gift for your co-workers

10. Share your joy and love of chocolate.

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