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The Printed Coolies, these are an excellent promotional tool that is affordable and can really get the word out about your business or event. Print some and witness how your message gets spread. All your clients and friends will drink at least 25 beers using your printed coolies. And this is only the beginning. The full extent of where your coolies will end u is unknown. We have heard of coolies from Texas Ranch that end up in an office in Australi holding some pens and pencils. Imagine how many people saw this printed coolie on its way from texas trough Australia? We will never know.

Printed Coolies

Printed Coolies

Coolies canbe used to hod bottles, can or water bottles. Coolies are made of neoprene, fabric or hard foam.

The Printed Coolies are Very Beautiful Business Gift. You can use for Picnic, Pool Party, Festivals, on any other occasions. Marinas and basically anything where there are a lot of people and the need for cool drinks!

Can Koozies are created mostly of neoprene like Neoprene Koozies or Foam like Foam Kooziez and could be firm and stackable or narrow and foldable.

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