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What Koozie Is Best for the Pool?

Sitting Poolside baby

Sitting Poolside baby

My Poolside koozies just arrived today. It took me 3 whole months to figure out which koozie style would work best. I  finally decided it would be better if I called over to the koozieZ.com office to see if they had any advice.  The girl who answered the phone was named Jen whom was a bubbly creature. She giggled and bopped along on the phone giving me phenomenal koozie advice.  She said that all the koozies are good for the pool but if you want one that won’t sink to the bottom then the foam koozie would be the best choice. She suggested that I get a pink foam koozie because the pink koozie would just look so Great -a-riffic and chic  floating along the uber blue pool water. I gave her all the information.  she needed and like lightning she sent me over a proof and quote for my personalized poolside koozies.  She was SO excited to work on my design that I thought she liked them more than I did. “HOORAY” she said when I sent my approval of the art. She quickly sent them to print and they arrived on my door step 12 business days later.


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