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Neoprene is the rubbery material that our koozies are made of . It is a high quality wetsuit material that makes our koozies ultra-durable. Neoprene is foldable so our koozies are easy-to-transport and store, fitting neatly into your pocket or handbag.

Zipper neoprene koozies at

Zipper neoprene koozies at

Yes, neoprene koozies are durable! They can even be washed and reused once again, so don’t worry if the BBQ party got a little messy.

The best thing about neoprene material is that it has a long-lasting cooling effect on your beverages, so your drink will be icy cold while your hands are perfectly dry.

Pink is a trendy color this season and combined with other colors, such as tangerine orange, you get a chic look for your personalized koozie creation.

Neoprene Koozies are fun to embellish and customize at home. Your girl’s birthday party will be cute and fun if you include a pink koozie decoration contest. Use embroidery, fabric, ribbons, rickrack, beads and sequins, girls would love it!  Let them go nuts with their designs, our neoprene koozies are strong enough to take the most creative enhancements.

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