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Looking for Pink Foam Koozies ?

Foam koozies are one of  the best value koozies available. Koozies made of foam material are less pricey an quite popular in sport events, birthday celebrations and outdoor activities.

Foam koozies to personalize at

Foam koozies to personalize at

Foam koozies help keeping your beverages temperature right, this material isolates and protects, but foam koozies can also serve many other purposes. Since foam is a thick material it makes the koozie stands up, sitting on a desk and hold other items. Use them as table decoration and to hold treats in parties. There is a wide variety of foam koozie colors available, and of course we have them all, but I would personally recommend our pink option.

Pink is an all time favorite of little girls everywhere, so pink koozies are perfect for young girls birthday parties. The current tendencies for wedding colors include hot pink so this will be a great selection for your bachelorette party and wedding keepsakes.

If you are looking for the most affordable koozie for your fund raising event Foam material will be the answer. There is nothing as a pink feam koozie to keep people’s beers and drinks cool and spreading a positive message in a breast cancer awareness fundraiser.

With get your personalized Foam Kooziez at a great price, guaranteed!


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