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What are those “rubbery colorful things that go around the beer cans”? Those things are Koozies! Most people don’t know their exact name but everyone knows how useful they are.  Koozies are also known as can coolies, beer huggers, can holders and these items are perfect to keep your drink’s temperature right while keeping your hands dry.

Here comes the fun part! Since can koozies come in a wide variety of colors you can use then to complement your party decoration and style.

When it comes to party decoration one of the most popular and trendy colors this season is pink, and I must confess it is a personal favorite. You can come up with a whole bunch of great party’s ideas because pink is such a beautiful color.  Why not a Cotton Candy, Pink Lemonade or Baby Dool themed party.

This koozie can be used at events or business parties including your own logo or text, your sponsor or name of the event.

Here at we specialize in creating the best koozie designs that match your party’s theme. Check our huge clip art gallery where you can find all kind of cool images to put on your pink koozies.

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