Pink Bottle Koozies

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I know that most of the drinks these days come in aluminium cans and that makes them easier to transport and store. But I must confess I am a classic bootle fan. I love the look of bottled beverages, the way the light pass through the glass and their beautiful colors.

As any other responsible adult, I love having a few chilled beers from time to time, and yes I have mines in a bottle and with style! I received a really nice and useful pink bottle koozie while attending my friend’s wedding this summer. These things looked beautiful decorating the wedding tables and they even have lovable custom designs on one side and a box in the back for guests to put their names. I have come to think bottle koozies are great gifts, they are useful to keep your beer temperature right and your hands dry. You can also used them as promotional items for your business.

For those who are concerned about environmental issues like me, don’t worry neoprene bottle koozies are re-usable and beer bottles are fully recyclable. Cheers!

Pink Bottle Koozies at

Pink Bottle Koozies at