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It is a well-known fact that beer will help you relax and ease the tension accumulated through the day. Life could be so stressful these days, you have to deal with all kind of challenging situations at work or at home -sometimes at both- It is nice to relax a little at the end of the day and enjoy a chilled beer, while watching tv, listen to your favorite tune or reading a book.

Some people say beer is a man thing… Well, my sweet Aunt Tina always say that. But I am a woman and I love the taste of a nice can of frosty beer after a hard day at work. Auntie, please understand!

There is nothing like a can koozie to keep your beer at the right temperature until the last drop. The koozies or coolies are those “rubbery vests” that you put over the cans. If you want a feminine touch on it, this people at can customize them with any design you want. Check the hot pink and the pink camo koozies, you will see my point!

Pink Camouflage Beer Koozies at

Pink Camouflage Beer Koozies at

It’s being said that beer has antioxidants so, in moderation, a frosty beer in the afternoon will help you keep your overall health and cheerfull spirit.

Give yourself and your friends a personalized koozie and enjoy all the benefits of an amazing cold brew with style.


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