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Personalized Koozies are the perfect promotional gift!  Koozies are products that anyone and everyone can use.  They are great for beer bottles, beer cans, soda cans, water bottles, and many other drinks that come in glass, plastic, and aluminium.  All types of people buy koozies.

Neoprene koozies Are Wholesale Koozies That Can Be Personalized

Neoprene koozies Are Wholesale Koozies That Can Be Personalized

People who purchase koozies at wholesale rates

There are two types of people who buy koozies, those who want to use them and those that want to sell them and or give them away. People who want to use the for wedding favors, birthday parties, college events, etc – generally buy a few hundred or less customized koozies.  People who buy cheap wholesale koozies are generally looking for custom koozies that are for give a ways or for resell.  These orders are generally atleast 500 units but are more likely to be orders well into the thousands.  These orders can be done at very low prices which makes the give a way great if you are trying to attract new clients or if you are trying to resell them for large margins.

People who resell koozies can see profits from anywhere between 300% and 500%.  These margins are great for any store that is looking to make a good profit and get their product out there!

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