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A personalized koozie is a great gift and promotional item for any kind of event. Koozies are known for a whole lot of different names, they are called beer huggers or can holders, but regardless the name this item is useful and people love to receive them as party favors.

We celebrate so many parties during the year, birthdays, weddings and reunions, for all of them we put a great deal of effort to make our guests feel comfortable and  happy. Koozies help us achieve this goal in so many ways. First, their neoprene rubbery material construction makes them good to keep beverages cold as no other. Besides, koozies can decorate tables and complement your party style since you can have any design you want printed on the front and the back of them. The more you personalize the items in your party the more memorable it will be for your guests.

Personalized koozie for a wedding party at

Personalized koozie for a wedding party at

When it is party time, order some personalized koozies -believe me- your friends will love them and take them home to be re-used once and once again, because these things are durable. Give your next party your special personal touch!

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