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Relaxing in the Shade

Relaxing in the Shade

Let’s Get Personal

Personalized Neoprene Koozies are a fun promotional item that not only are our customers and employees going to love their koozies but it also keeps beverages insulated.  Personalized Neoprene Koozies will help promote a product of any kind. Drink and Bottle Koozies remain among our most popular promotional items. Find out what koozies can do for your company, you will be pleasantly surprised when you find out the results.

Personalized neoprene koozies keep your cold drink COLD, and it stays cold longer. With 13 available colors and your brilliant ideas, it’s easy to get koozie-perfect. Gifts, party favors – baby showers and graduation parties, to birthday, retirement or sports bashes. You will immediately FALL in LOVE with you new personalized koozies and so will all you friends and family. They will never be able to forget your party. Every time they pull a beer from the fridge  are grab that koozie and enjoy memory lane!

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