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Logos On Coolies

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Cusotm Coolie Logo

Cusotm Coolie Logo

Logo Creation

We have a full staff of designers on hand 24 hours a day to help you create you own personalized logo. Logos are a very important part of business and make sure they are personalized to company and unique enough for people to remember the LOGO.

Coolie Business Cards

One great idea once you have created your logo is to put the logo on a coolie and use it as a business card. They are a very effective marketing strategy and people won’t throw a coolie away the same they would a little piece of paper. Now a days a lot of koozies are made out of neoprene or fabric and both these types of coolies can fit in  your back pocket, so they do not take up a lot of room at all. They are easy to transport and even easy to give-a-way. I mean, people will come up to you if they see you handing them out, and ask, “Can I have  A Coolie?” At which point you need to say “YES” or “sorry I have already ran out, but let me get your contact information and I will be sure to send  you on.

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