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Business Marketing With Coolies

They’re  various options for generating marketing for your company. Working with an advertise/marketing  company can be very expensive, but many companies believe this is best way to get their product known on the market.  Here at we know that coolies are a VERY effective marketing approach for market penetration. For example, if you were looking for promotional items to use as hand outs at a promotional or marketing event, the Coolie would be a intelligent decision. There is something so gravitating about a coolie. People will see them on your presentation table and immediately come up with interest in your company. We have a had number of business customers write us testimonials about how their personalized company coolies generated new clients.


Jack’s Company Coolie Success Story

” I bought my company coolies last year from I used my company’s LOGO and put it on a foam coolie. Then stuffed them full of gadgets, pamphlet and pens. My promo table was so packed with people I ran out of coolies to give -a-way. I made a lot of new contacting and the coolie was the ice breaker.  Thanks koozieZ team for all your advise and hard work! ”

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