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"This Coolie Saved My Hand"

Coolies On The Shrimp Boat

Personalized Collapsible Coolies are a popular Item .You can put them in your pocket or purse and take them anywhere.

They maintain refreshments cool although at the same time, they are keeping someones hand from freezing off of their arm.

Back in the late 1700’s a on a Louisiana Shrimp Boat a man lost his hand from holding a beer that was too cold that he got frost bite and had to get get his hand amputated once they got back to shore. The Shrimp Boat Captain had to put his foot down and say NO beer on the boat if the crew was going to have personalized coolie.

The Captain ended up finding a printing company that made custom coolies and he got one for each crew member and they used them as a way  to identify their drinks! Whether you are enjoying a lemonade, fruity wine chiller, or a frosty brew, its easy to confuse your drink with someone else, and the Captain knew this, so he made his personalized!

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