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The Coolie Crew

The Coolie Crew

Personalized Coolies for My Wedding

I would definitely consider myself a bridezilla and I admit it with pride. I just want to make sure that my wedding is a day that not only is for us to remember the day we commited to spending our lives together, but also a fun gift to give to our guests.

My wedding colors were Brown and Yellow. So I personalized my coolie with a brown koozie and hot pink ink. They looking for cool. I used this VERY original quote ” To Have and To Hold and To Keep Your Beer Cold”, then I had a stick figure picture of a bride and groom. Everyone complimented my coolies and thought that I did a GREAT job planning my very own wedding. helped me the whole way through. They have an awesome customer service department that was able to take my originality and make it a reality.  I will be ordering coolies for my next wedding and maybe even the one after that…. That is if that husband lets me. I just love Coolies too much and that I why I keep ordering them.

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