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Personalize a Foam Koozies are fun promotional items that keep beverages insulated. Foam is one of the best plastics to insulate the cold of the beers. This will be four times longer that without a koozie. This will allow you to enjoy your beer cold until the last drop. Personalize foam koozies can fit any can. From soft drinks to russian beer, wich is really strong because as you know, siberian cold is very harsh. Personalize a Foam Koozie are great promotional item for any kind of event.

Foam Koozie

Foam Koozie

Drink and Personalize a Foam Koozie remain among our most popular promotional items. For the summer makes the pefect item for back yard BBq’s, birthday parties and of course, pool parties wich we at found so much fun!

Personalize a Foam Koozies  keep your cold drink cold, and longer. Give some Color to your brilliant idea, its easy to get koozie-perfect. Gifts, party favors as bar showers and graduation parties, to birthday, retirement or sports bashes.
We also have a Special Party Koozies for any Party Occasion.

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