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Koozies are getting popular these days! You can see that koozies are known as beer huggers or can holders, and they are guest favorites at parties. Once you put a koozie around your beverage container it will keep the right temperature on it. They can be used in any standard glass bottle and can, so they are not only perfect for beers but also for sodas, energy drinks and all kind of beverages.

Wedding neoprene party koozies at

Wedding neoprene party koozies at

Another great thing about koozies is the possibility to customize the front and back with any design based on your personal taste and your party theme. Besides, koozies are foldable and lightweight, so this is an item that your guests will love to take home. Koozies are so easy-to-carry around that no matter where you go, you can take one with you. Koozies are also environment friendly because they can be taken home cleaned and used once and once again. These things are durable!

It is neoprene what gives our kooziez these incredible qualities and it won’t make your koozies cost more, they are affordable! Don’t hesitate to check our special prices and huge clip art gallery. Koozies are great pocket pals to hand out at your parties in weddings, promotional campaigns, picnics, and BBQs.

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