NFL Maddness

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The Real March Madness
Either you live under a rock, or you really don’t care about the world of sports. Actually, it’s been on every newspaper sports related or not. In only one day, the NFL developed 4 headlines that individually would be enough, but as it is the NFL it want’s to claim every tittle, even the one that belongs to NCAA basketball: MARCH MADNESS. Let’s take a look to some of the most notorious headlines developed recently in the NFL:

Manning to the Broncos
On monday, Peyton Manning decided that he will play for the Denver Broncos for the 2012 season for a 96 million dollar contract for 5 years, 20 millions guaranteed. After a bidding war against the San Francisco 49’ers, the Tennessee Titans and the Broncos. John Elway promised he will help Peyton become one of the leagues best quarterbacks ever. Broncos fans, here you can get some of the newly released Manning-Broncos merchandise. Also you can get some cool custom products to make it even more personalized.
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Tim Tebow to the Jets
After Manning’s signing, Tim Tebow became the “odd an out” in Denver. He said “I understands the situation… we are talking about Peyton Manning here.” This started a bidding battle between the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars, which ultimately the Jets end up winning. We also heard that Tebow had the chance to pick which team to go. Being the Jets an obvious pick because of the marketing potential of the region. New York is a huge market and they just landed the most popular NFL player. Get ready to see Tebow in the next cover of GQ Magazine and for a name change from Times Square to Tim’s Square.
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The “Bounty” Sentence
News broke yesterday for the NFL’s decision to punish some of the coaches and players from the New Orleans 2009 team which where involved in a bounty program that set prices for some of the most notable QB’sin the NFL: Kurt Warner, Bret Favre, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton had prices for knocking them out of the game. 
  • Coach Payton received a suspension without pay for the 2012 season.
  • Coach Greg Williams received an indefinite suspension.
  • Mike Loomis, the general manager got suspended for the first 8 games of the 2012 season.
  • Assistant coach Joe Vitt, got suspended for the first 6 games of the season.
  • The Saints organization will pay a $500.000 fine.

The sentence for the players involved haven’t been released yet, because of the undergoing investigation from the NFL Players Association. Suspensions and fines are expected.

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RGIII To the Skins? Not so sure.
Yesterday was Baylor University pro day. Two players where the highlights: Robert Griffin III, QB, and Kendall Wright, WR. Both expected to go on the first round of April’s draft. RGIII workout left everybody with a big smile in their faces. Mostly on the Washington Redskins contingency. They left without comments but we are pretty sure they left very satisfied. They can potentially land RGIII and end a long time QB drought since Mark Rypien in the early 90’s. The question is if the Indianapolis Colts, which holds the first selection of the draft. They are expected to pick Stanford’s QB Andrew Luck, which pro day is this upcoming Thursday.
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All this drama in only a day or two. This is drama, this is march madness indeed.