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A Neoprene Zipper Koozie is a bottle holder made of a rubbery material with a zipper that insulates your bottle drinks from getting too cold or too hot.

The Neoprene Zipper Koozies comes in a wide variety of colors, that is why they make perfect gifts for your business partners, guests at you parties, family and friends.  What makes our Neoprene Zipper Koozies unique is our customized designs and fantastic customer service. Buy your neoprene zipper koozies today, they are foldable, easy-to-carry and store.

This summer use neoprene zipper koozies as keepsakes in your party, they will not only keep your guest’s drinks chill, but they will also be a fun detail to carry home.

Customized Neoprene Zipper Bottle Koozies at

Customized Neoprene Zipper Bottle Koozies

No matter what your party theme is or how company logo loooks like we are the place for all your koozie needs. Contact us to find the most affordable Neoprene Zipper koozies with your own personalized look. We love to design for you, contact us now to have your perfect neoprene zipper koozie.

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