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Doug at the BBQ Beach Party!!!

Doug at the BBQ Beach Party!!!

BBQ with Koozies

A lot of BBQ’s are done as Block Parties. A Block Party is usually something a neighborhood does at the end of the summer before the kids go back to school.  The sun is HOT and koozies are needed to for all the sodas and beers, so they do not get hot.  Personalizing the koozie for your BBQ gives a nice custom touch to the party. If you had a BBQ back in 1992 and made custom koozies then I would be bet most of the guest still had the koozies in 2002. Neoprene koozies just are that durable so they last for YEARS. The quality of the material can be comparable to walrus skin, tough, durable and insulated.

Walruses are a lot like a neoprene-koozies in terms of insulation. The walrus stays warm ALWAYS no matter how cold the water is that the walrus is swimming in is. Actually the nickname for my FAVORITE koozies Walrus. It is a  Hot Pink Neoprene Koozies with a picure of a shrimp.

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