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Happy lady with a customized koozie from

Happy lady with a customized koozie from

This koozie material isolates and protects your beer, can, soda, glass, or wine from the warmth of your hand or from the heat outside.. Your drink will keep the right temperature four times longer.

Well, its response is quite easy and effective. You might have certain special moments in your life when you are in some party and you are enjoying with your friends. At that time, it is not always possible for you to take at least a sip of beer; you have in your hand. Koozie, due to its special form as isolated form, use to hold the chill of your beer. You will surely get a good chilled taste of your beer even after an hour. Strange! But its true, koozie’s special form cover uses to maintain your beer by its isolated cover.

KoozieZ offers a variety of different Custom Koozies styles, including Collapsible Can Koozies and Neoprene Beer Koozies . Each style is unique and a great personalized item for keeping your drink refreshingly icy cold!

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