Collapsible Neoprene Can

Collapsible Neoprene Can Koozie

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Please give us as many details about your design as possible, including text, colors (KOOZIE® & COOLIES and ink), clipart images, if you have a file, image, logos, etc - feel free to upload it.


KOOZIE® & COOLIESDescription – KZ02

Constructed out of high quality wetsuit material, this high-tech KOOZIE® & COOLIES sports both stitched and glued seams, making this KOOZIE® & COOLIES ultra-durable. This particular can-sized model is designed with the average 12 oz beverage can in mind and is foldable, fitting neatly into your pocket, handbag, or wherever you choose to store this super beverage cooler. Neoprene material has a long-lasting cool effect on your beverages and can easily be washed and reused again and again for lasting cool beverage satisfaction.

Collapsible neoprene KOOZIE® & COOLIES is the second most purchased style of KOOZIE® & COOLIES that we all for at Kooziez.Com.  This style is the most versatile style that we have.  Not only can the style be printed just like collapsible fabric, but the style can stretch; thus, making it possible to fit on small cans, large cans, slim cans, bottles, and a variety of other styles.

Collapsible neoprene KOOZIE® & COOLIES are for times when you just want to treat yourself a little. It’s ok to splurge when it’s such a high quality KOOZIE® & COOLIES! You’re a hot blooded American, and you deserve the best for your upcoming event. Pick this neoprene KOOZIE® & COOLIES and let the wetsuit inspired material insulate your beer.

KOOZIE® & COOLIES comes in a variety of colors.  The most common KOOZIE® & COOLIES we actually sell and the collapsible neoprene style is the color pink.  Color pink is often used for weddings and bachelorette parties.  The majority of our customers are women and love this color.  Another color that is often purchased is neon blue.

Once you pick up the color of the KOOZIE® & COOLIES that you would like to print on, you will need a pickup and ink color.  There are a variety of ink colors that we can print on collapsible neoprene KOOZIE® & COOLIES.  We can also print photographs and multiple ink colors if the customer so desires.

Collapsible neoprene KOOZIE® & COOLIES are a little bit more expensive than its sister style which is the collapsible fabric KOOZIE® & COOLIES.  However most people find that the cost difference of about 10¢ per KOOZIE® & COOLIES is worth the extra charge.  The material is long lasting, the KOOZIE® & COOLIES insulates great, and it has a nice feel on the customer’s hands.

To learn more about class when you print KOOZIE® & COOLIES and or the print style that we can offer on class will neoprene Coolie, feel free to call us at (518)-964-1018 and or email us at

Other uses for the collapsible neoprene can KOOZIE® & COOLIES are the following:

You can use it to protect small items, such as in an external hard drives.

You can use it as a wallet, we often will see customers put money and or credit cards inside their custom collapsible neoprene KOOZIE® & COOLIES.

You can also use your KOOZIE® & COOLIES two key products warm, for example, you can use this product to keep a cup of coffee warm instead of a beer cold.

Neoprene collapsible can KOOZIE® & COOLIES are available in the following colors:
Black, Brown, Burgundy, Dark Green, Fuchia, Grey, Hot Pink, Kelly Green, Lime, Navy, Neon Blue, Orange, Pink Camo, Purple, Red, Royal, True Life Camo, Turquoise, Universal Camo, White, and Yellow.