Neoprene Coffee Sleeves

Neoprene Coffee Sleeves

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Custom KOOZIE® & COOLIES coffee sleeves

Normally when one thinks of KOOZIE® & COOLIES, they think of cold beer and cold soda or maybe even cold water. Rarely does the concept of a coffee KOOZIE® & COOLIES come to mind. However,, has started to change and of all of “what is a KOOZIE® & COOLIES”.

Normally, the problem with the drink is it is exposed to warm room temperatures, warm sand, warm water, for a warm hand; thus the beverage no longer maintains its “coolness” and becomes warm like the environment that it is found in.

However, the reverse of this, is often common. A person may have a hot coffee or a hot tea or a hot linen water that they would prefer to maintain hot. A KOOZIE® & COOLIES can serve in this function as well. Oftentimes protecting the hand from the extreme temperature that the beverage maintains. All the while keeping the temperature hot so as to maintain the desired temperature when drinking.

The concept is not new, companies like coffee beans and tea leaf and Starbucks have used coffee sleeves for years. They serve their coffee piping hot and protect the consumers hand with a coffee sleeves.

However, these coffee sleeves, arm made and thrown away. To eliminate the waste, our company developed the custom KOOZIE® & COOLIES coffee sleeve. Ayer coffee sleeve is made of a foam like material that can be used on any coffee cup.

Our coffee sleeve is currently used by several companies that would prefer to eliminate waste and promote a brand. That means less money wasted, a more environmentally friendly business, and an added value to the customer.

Custom coffee sleeves can be printed and single ink, multi ink, or photograph. The companies that we have printed with normally print their Logos, phone numbers, contact information, website address, or anything else that comes to mind.

These coffee sleeves are cut, died, and so on, for the standard shape of a coffee cup. Coffee cups normally are more slender at the bottom than they are at the top. This slope of about 30° is accounted for when we produce our coffee sleeve.

To see what your design would look like on a coffee sleeve, simply email us at And we will provide you with the a mockup of your custom coffee sleeve design per your specifications. You can also take a second and fill out this free proof form and ordered to see your design for free.

Once you see your design, if you like it, you can purchase this product from our store. We are one of the only companies in the world that produce custom coffee sleeves and are proud of what we do. Feel free to call, email, or contact us today to get your order started! Remember,, is the founder and the home of the custom coffee sleeve!