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Neoprene Koozies are fun to embellish. You can use embroidery, fabric, ribbons, rickrack, beads and so on.

Constructed out of high quality wetsuit material, this high-tech koozie sports both stitched and glued seams, making this koozie ultra-durable.
This particular can-sized model is designed with the average 12 oz beverage can in mind and is fold able, fitting neatly into your pocket, handbag, or wherever you choose to store this super beverage cooler. One of the biggest advantages of the neoprene style is that it fits both a bottle and a can snugly, making it one of our most versatile models yet. This type is right for you if your upcoming party night includes times when you don’t know what you might be drinking out of – a bottle, a can, a thermos, or some rodeo clown’s boot!

Neoprene material has a long-lasting cool effect on your beverages and can easily be washed and reused again and again for lasting cool beverage satisfaction, long after that first delightful cold sip hits your lips.

The Foam Kooziez with more categories. We also have different type of Beer Koozies 🙂 .

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