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Looking for Custom Collapsible Can Koozies ? offers Neoprene Beer Koozies at the best prices, guaranteed! Order your Neoprene Beer Koozies now!

Neoprene Beer Koozies make the perfect koozie for the classy party – they boast a thinner wall than our collapsible fabric, but offers better insulation value. Made of wetsuit-grade neoprene, these coozies take a sharper print than open-cell foam material, making your design pop right off the koozie.

The koozie is also quite easy to carry, allowing the adventures bar-goer to throw one in his back pocket and roll up to the pub in style. You can also keep in your pocket easily. It is also quite foldable.

Neoprene Beer Koozies are sure to be a hit when presented to members of your wedding party at the rehearsal dinner. Everyone will be proud to display your tokens of appreciation every time they crack open a cold one.

Now a Can Koozies that is both classy and functional! Perfect for the executive or techie. This can koozie is the ideal way to keep your favorite canned drink cold.

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