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Help! How can I advertise on campus?

Oh hello. When you think of ways to promote your club or organization, the first think you think of is probably business cards and pamphlets, fliers or posters. That’s perfectly fine… and also perfectly lame. How many times have you immediately trashed (excuse me, recycled) the brightly colored flier, thrust into your hands by an enthusiastic member of the Robotics Club? And how often do you watch from afar as your own creatively designed event brochures are scattered and abandoned on the quad?

If you want, you can keep trashing the environment by printing thousands of paper promotional materials. It’s your life. But if you actually want people to remember your organization, you might want to consider custom beer Coolies.

It’s true, beer Coolies might cost more than flimsy pamphlets. After you buy your weekly ration of ramen noodles and Red Bull, money is tighter than your ex gf’s yoga pants after she’s gained the Freshman 15.

But just as those XS Lulu Lemons manage to stretch and cover her important assets, I bet you can manage to fit promotional Coolies into your budget.

So, what are the benefits?

Here are our top 5:

5) Coolies are durable. No matter what you call them: beer coolies, cozys, coosies, can coolers, coldy-holdys or beer sleeves, these handy dandy beer condoms will outlast any paper poster. Your organization or club’s message won’t be easily ripped or smudged when printed on what Aussies refer to as “stubby holders.”

4) Coolies are notable. Receiving a coozie, unlike being handed a piece of paper, is like getting a real gift. Everyone likes presents. When Alex is wavering between DG and Chi-O, don’t you think she’ll be more inclined to choose the sorority that stood out from the rest?

3) Coolies are shareable. Ok, not everyone is going to be interested in your organization. But it’s likely they know someone who is. And when do people pull out beer coolies? While having fun, and maybe (probably) drunk. Your organization or event will be advertised while people are having a good time- how could you say no to that?

2) Coolies are easy to customize. Here comes the shameless plug for, where we will design your Coolies… For. Free. Showcase your organization or event with a personal design unlike anyone else’s. Individuality is priceless.

1) Coolies can be delivered fast. We can rush coolers to you in 24 hours if that’s what you need.


Ok, you’ve convinced me. How do I order promotional Coolies?

If you want the dirt on how Coolies can take your collegiate club to the next level, just visit our website! OR dial (518) 964-1018 to speak with our sales agents. If you’ve forgotten how to make a phone call, you can email me:

I only use my e-mail for boring stuff and Amazon Prime.

That’s fine. We know how to use The Social Media. We’re so lit, our company name has a Z at the end instead of an S. We’re so hip, we even have an intern who buys vinyl records from the Farmer’s Market. Check us out on Facebook: @beercoolies. We’re on Twitter and Insta, too: @lovemycoolie and @cancoolies. If you can guess why none of our handles are, we’ll give you 20% off your Coolies order.

Visit our site and order Coolies now! You’re procrastinating anyway.